The renew of French Craft Beers

2017 will be beer brewing or will not be! The sentence would have made a smile less than 10 years. But in the last few years, beer has changed in size in France. Today, beer is fashionable, a fashion born in the heart of the craft breweries! France is a very dynamic beer country and has around 1000 craft breweries on its whole territory with regions like Hauts de France or Alsace which have a very strong beer tradition. French beer tours at its most!

Fancy French beer tours ?

If the traditional blond foam, deliciously refreshing, surmounted by a creamy and seductive collar has not deserted breweries, it has welcomed series of little sisters like the famous ipa’s  (very hoppy beers with extraordinary fruit notes of passion, citrus or litchi, balanced by a powerful bitterness), aged beers (often brown, matured several Months in old barrels of Whiskey, cognac or Burgundy wines, which confer tremendous woody and vinous touches) or sour (yeast-based acid wild beers). From an aging product, brewers have made a drink with almost unlimited flavor potential and have become alchemists.

Beers & French cuisine

After the brewing rooms, the kitchens. It’s where the beer continued its revolution when renowned cookers started using beer in their menu such as- Ghislaine Arabian (2 Stars Michelin) and its famous Turbot with beer. There remained only one field where to install beer in France: tourism. This is what beer discoveries is doing for since 2013.

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