Finest Beer of the the world

Belgium and especially Brussels enjoy a worldwide reputation when it comes to beers. And rightly so since it is brewing tradition has been anchored in the culture for centuries with its monks and abbeys. It is therefore the mastery of a unique know-how that has improved with time that gives belgian beers such a renown on their tastes and quality. 

Belgian Beer Tours

Recently, Belgium has seen new brewers breaking with the traditional belgian beers by imposing new styles, new ingredients, new techniques and new operating methods. At once, blending tradition and novelty, Belgium is the flagship destination when it comes to beers. Beer discoveries had to be present in this unavoidable and exciting destination. So come with us to enjoy our Belgian & Brussels Beer tours.

    Beer tasting

    Half day activities, Tastings

    Located in different places, our tasting course ensures you to spend an authentic and entertaining moment ! You will also have the opportunity to taste high-end craft beers! Our expert brings its know-how to your ...

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